Testimonials for Stay Married America

"Both acted respectfully and professionally. We made more headway in 3 hours with Peter and Kathey than we did after months of marriage counseling."

Addressing the most difficult issues

"Gave us helpful direction and goals. I feel some of the most difficult issues were addressed."

Hope for my marriage again

"I have a feeling of relief and I'm so hopeful. We have been to other counselors and mediators and I felt hopeless. This was completely different. It was more direct, which we needed."

It is hard work, but worth it

"This process is definitely not easy and can be draining, but I have never felt hopeless or discouraged - as I have with other counselors we have gone to. You have helped us immensely in the short period of time we have been meeting, and I'm so thankful. I know we could not do this without you. 

We will work on our "homework" each night, and as always, look forward to our next meeting."


When you are desperate in your marriage, there is another option than divorce.


When you cannot find resolution to conflict in your marriage, there is another answer than divorce.


Through mediation to stay married, you can find the core issues of your marriage and strategies to work on those issues. We address communication, finances, values, respect, parenting, finding ways to love our partner the way they need and many more. 


We work toward a written contract called an Agreement. Periodic check ins,  determine what is working and what is not and if this marriage can be saved. When both parties are willing to work together there are answers to your broken marriage.


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