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What will it cost ?

$100 per hour. The typical mediation fees for Peter and Kathey as a team, range from $300 - $400 per hour. In our mission to save more marriages and save them from the consequences of divorce. We are charging $100 per hour for our team work. 

Do I have to sign up for a series of meetings or can I do one mediation to see how it goes?

There is no contract, minimum or maximum required meetings. The couple will determine that. As long as they wish to work on their marriage with us, we will be there.

"I want to save the marriage, my partner does not, will this work for us?"

Quite frankly, no. It does require two parties to be willing to discuss the real issues of the marriage and willing to work on those issues to save the marriage.

What requirements will you (Stay Married America) have of us?

Come with a willing heart and mind to face and work on those issues which are harming your marriage. Be ready to look honestly at what needs to change and to take the steps to save it. 

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